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 Goddess On Her Throne New Compilation with xrussianbeautyx [2017 / FullHD]

This compilation video contains all new clips. It is your ultimate fantasy to serve and worship your goddess on her throne. I know how much you would love to worship my tight, dirty little asshole and today you get a taste of it. You would give anything for me to sit right on your face and unload everything right in your mouth. Today I will be unleashing load after load after load while you are just inches from my dirty little ass. Every time I need to release all my shits, you will be in the bathroom with me having to endure the potent, disgusting odor. So open wide toilet bitch, I have tons of shits waiting for you
 The morning Breakfast the four girls with ModelNatalya94 [2017 / FullHD]

Our Breakfast in the morning I called my friends Caroline, Alice and Marina and invited them for Breakfast, my friends gladly accepted my invitation to Breakfast, I only asked them to buy beer and chips, well, finally we are all assembled, we opened a beer and chips and I pulled out of the Cabinet a plate, and offered the girls some Breakfast shit, girls agreed we take turns cocoa into a bowl filling it with shit, and then take the chips and use them as spoons, we eat, shit and drink beer. We four eat a whole plate of shit almost drink a bottle of beer and eat chips, we have a very tight Breakfast and we like it very much. We like to eat our own shit and we are not standard girls and women. We hope that you will like this video very much and we will release such videos as often as possible. Enjoy your viewing.
 Doll Caroline with ModelNatalya94 [2017 / FullHD]

We decided to dress up Caroline in a doll outfit made of paper, we made her a dress and Caroline put it on her naked body, Caroline first poses for you showing you her gorgeous paper Board, after showing off the dress and body, Alice and Marina take turns shitting Carolina in her mouth and then using a rubber dick to push Carolina’s shit deep in her mouth. We love to use Caroline’s mouth as her own toilet in Carolina’s mouth full of shit and she likes it. If you like to watch when girls shit in the mouth of another girl then this video is for you. Enjoy your viewing.
 Usual morning 5 girls. Part 1. Lassie with MilanaSmelly [2017 / HD]

Usual morning 5 girls. Part 1. Lassie. This morning you will spend with the girls! They have recently woken up and have not yet visited the toilet. They walk around the house in their underwear and without it because there are only girls in the house! They wash and prettify themselves before going outside they want to look beautiful, but now they are sleepy, they have a morning smell from the mouth, snot in their noses and they want to shit.
 Toilet slave with girls in the sauna with MilanaSmelly [2017 / HD]

Toilet slave with girls in the sauna. Girls strongly wanted to shit, so they first used me as a toilet, and then went to the sauna and pool. Christina had a bitter and smelly diarrhea with a lot of poorly digested food – I felt corn, nuts, peel. First, the girls loaded me, and then I watched them rest!
 Demmi’s special treatment [2017 / UltraHD/4K]

Demmi is a very bossy mistress and is making her slave Lisa Black as her footrest. Demmi thinks that her slave didn’t take a shower so she makes her smell, kiss and lick her foot. But Demmi is feeling very generous today so she gives her slave a full special treatment. The dominant mistress prepares a very special gift coming from her intestines and passing through her assholes directly to Lisa’s mouth. As a combo, she takes a hard piss in her face as well. Is not an easy day to be a Demmi’s slave.
 Teacher becomes student [2017 / UltraHD/4K]

Lisa Black is a very dedicated teacher and is willing to teach everything to her student Isabel. But actually, who’s going to teach a new lesson today is Isabel. She realized that her teacher is craving for her ass and then she starts to prepare a special meal to her teacher. She makes the teacher licks her asshole a lot and then she takes a dump inside her mouth. Come see if this hot teacher learned how to eat a lot of shit or if she failed the test.
 Princesses beat devil and shit in his mouth with MilanaSmelly [2017 / HD]

3 princesses beat the devil and shit him in the mouth. The princesses play the game – how many numbers will fall on the cube, so many blows on the face will get the devil. The princesses beat in full force and the devil has a hard time! After the game, it’s time for the toilet – the girls want to shit! Christina, Amina and Yana alternately put their shit in the devil’s mouth and forced them to swallow! In life, these three ladies – beautiful and well-groomed, they eat right and dress beautifully, monitor their health, go in for sports and meet with lovers. But when they throw me the contents of their asses into my mouth, I feel what these ladies are smelly! But this is their dark side, which their lovers and family members should not know – this secret is only for their personal slave.
 Really swallows fast with MilanaSmelly [2017 / HD]

Really swallows fast! Temperature +32 degrees – it was very hot, the girls sweated. This slave really swallows quickly, the girls are surprised and satisfied that they get a good toilet service! The girl likes when the toilet loves her shit.
 Pooping on the bed with KatyaKASS [2017 / FullHD]

I’m on a pink bed in a white topic on masturbating my pussy peed and then another and pooped on the bed. Then smeared his topic with shit as for me he is not very beautiful and with shit he turned out just excellent. Sexy blonde in a topic decorated with shit. In addition to the whole big puddle of urine.Katya is a slut in shit.
 Shit my pants on the bed with KatyaKASS [2017 / FullHD]

Naked reading a book on the bed, first I have described, it is very cool that the owner did not want to get out of bed, then I was perevorachivatel in different poses and poop on bed. Books. Blonde.Reads. Classical literature. My poop. Urine. Naked sexy Katya.
 Dive into my ASS and EAT THATS ALL with DirtyBetty [2017 / FullHD]

Now i really wont to feed you, smelly fresh shit smearing on my ass waiting for you. Clean all my butts, and dont forget about my wet pink pussy, i know you love that taste. That SCAT session ONLY fo YOU contains shitting, smearing shit, close up angle
 Bathroom SCAT play adventures with DirtyBetty [2017 / HD]

New awesome video with SCAT play, sucking, licking and smearing with warm fresh and tasty shit from my pantys,if you like dirty oral shit playing, thats all you need! Dont forget subscribe on my official page on twitter, in July you be surprised!
 ScatShop - JosslynKane - Giving JOI and Pooping [2017 / FullHD]

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