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littlefuckslut - Big Poop in White Panties & Ass Smear [2019 / FullHD]

I was two seconds away from shitting myself when I finally released a big brown mess into my pretty white panties. It was such a relief to finally push everything out! My panties can't handle the big load and you get to watch it spill from the sides onto the floor. I pull my panties down only to push out more shit into them. Poop has pancaked to my ass and I know I'm still too clean for you so I smear my nasty mess all over my ass for you to enjoy.
littlefuckslut - Eat the Poop in My White Panties [2019 / FullHD]

I poop my white panties & tell you what it's made of. I want you to taste everything that I've eaten for me.
 ChubbiBunni - Fulfilling An Order [2019 / FullHD]

Here’s how I made poo edibles.
 HotDirtyIvone - Stinking Adventure [2019 / FullHD]

This time I sit on the floor and send to you many stinky farts. Farts are juicy and not so loud… After a moment of farting I just released this STINKY half liquid monster.
 HotDirtyIvone - A. for a condom [2019 / FullHD]

shit for a condom, for you, for your dick. put your dick in, real, stinking shit!
littlefuckslut - Poop Accident in My Yoga Pants [2019 / FullHD]

I was trying so hard to hold it in until I got home but as soon as I get in the door it happens! I have a big poopy accident in my leggings. I crouch down trying to hold it in but it doesn't work and my ass lets loose. I show you what a mess I made & it really starts to turn me on so I start playing with my asshole. I finger my dirty hole for you before going to clean myself up.
littlefuckslut - Jerk It To My Shitty Feet & Pantyhose [2019 / FullHD]

Watch me make a mess with a big creamy pile of shit. I let it pour out of my ass and plop it right onto my feet. I smear it all over my feet and destroy my pantyhose with my shit. I pull off my thigh highs and squish my creamy load all through my toes and soles. I want you to jerk it to my dirty filthy feet. Pump your cock right through my soles.
 XGhost - I fuck him he fuck my ass PART1 [2019 / UltraHD/4K]

I sucked him and he started filming me. Excited I fuck him. I wanted to poop then, I shit on him a sticky turd.
Listen to the sound of my juice and my shit mixed while I fuck him. Look at my stinking shit penetrate me and lubricate my dirty pussy while he smear my ass of my sweet shit. While I fuck him in reverse cowgirl again. I dumped another stinking crap on her belly .. Her stinks, her stinks so bad. I think it’s my “Mc Do” and the wine I took yesterday. Stinks so bad and it continues to lubricate my pussy!

He loses patience and he fucks me from behind. , he smeared my ass of that dirty shit and spit on me, spit on his shitty cock. I fart on his cock and he gently caress my back with my shit. He tries the best he can to film while he fuck me. Slowly but very deep.

Look! He gets his dick in my little asshole and he does it savagely! Oh Shit! Rough !!! I fart and shit again on his cock while he fucks my asshole! Feel me moan, listen to the sounds Hmmmmm. He fuck my asshole fast and savagely! He launched the camera !! While he fucked my ass hole hard, I mega piss on the floor and shit again on his dick. Horrible how it stank too bad and continued to fuck my asshole! I thought he had finished and well no! He just released his dick to film too full of my dirty shit stink. He puts his dick in my ass it was so hot. This time he was quick to cum in my ass. Look at that mixed juice of my stinking shit and him who came out of my ass and fall on the floor. Listen to the “splash” lol!
littlefuckslut - Eat My Shit & Give Me An A [2019 / FullHD]

Did you really think you were going to fail me!? You shouldn't have been so fucking careless then. You left your computer out and one look into your history and I know your dirty little secret. You like to watch young girls shitting don't you? Unless you want me telling everyone you're going to do exactly as I say. You're going to eat my shit and pass me. Eat up! I have an A+ meal for you TEACHER. You'll be cleaning my ass every single day after school now.
littlefuckslut - First Time Enema [2019 / FullHD]

Bear with me! This is my first time ever giving myself an enema and I feel nervous for some reason. I empty my bladder first and point a nice stream towards you. Then I insert the nozzle in my ass but it doesn't feel like much at first. I already needed to take a shit before this. I finally feel the pressure building in my ass and release it. Everything shoots out of my ass and I love it! I fill my ass one more time and spray it towards the camera. I show off my cleaned out asshole. I'm a clean slut now?
 Public Toilet Full Of Woman Shit [2019 / SD]

104 Clips of various indoor and outdoor pissing and shitting scenes. Mixed total and closeup views. Also some nice shots from her pretty feet and shoes. All soft, NO smearing, shit eating or piss drinking.
 EvaMarie88 - Dirty Shit of a Beautiful Woman in the Toilet [2019 / FullHD]

EvaMarie88 clips are ALL solo scat, piss and period play. She poops in her panties, on her hands, on the floor. She licks her shit, smears and rubs it all over her biody and even uses it as hair shampoo. I especially like the clips with her shit covered feet. Her dirty games are often combined with fetish clothing like overknees, heels, rubber, latex, leather, gloves and more.
 ChubbiBunni - Sniff and Smear [2019 / FullHD]

This was a request for me to be a bit more sensual. I was asked to slow down and describe the smells, textures, and feeling on my skin. Definitely the perfect load for this kind of video.
 ChubbiBunni - Panty Pooper [2019 / HD]

My roommate is home today. I needed to poop so bad, I barely had time to hold it in. I turned my fan on so my roommate wouldn’t smell it. I made such a big mess in my lacy, cheeky panties. I love the feel of how warm my poo is. It was super stinky, but I could smell a hint of my dessert last night. It felt so good. I think my roommate could smell it and I heard her coming to the bathroom…hope she doesn’t find out…
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