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 Emily  - Scat Mistress [2019 / HD]

This is his toilet hell and I am his devil! Stick that tongue into my ass, further, further; be prepared to eat whatever gifts I may have for you–be prepared to eat all my gifts tonight, toilet! I tease you with my perfect ass. Rejoice that you are allowed to lick her
 ElenaToilet  - Oops, My Toilet is Broken [2019 / FullHD]

I am in going to use the toilet after my morning shower, but my plumbing is broken! But my toilet slave is here to assist me and I am waiting him to come in the toilet and take this position. I am going to use his mouth further! He doesn’t have a choice! He must take my huge smelly shit!
 ElenaToilet  - Scat Mistress Feed You [2019 / FullHD]

I’m a mean scat mistress, toilet slave. I haven’t let you cum throughout the month. But I’ll give you a choice: you can end your orgasm denial tonight and cum in either my SHIT, pussy or ass… Or, I can deny you orgasm for another month, feed you my shit. You want the second choice, yes? Answer me, bitch! Just for being a good lesson for you, slave, I’ll make it another months! I’ll make you eat my shit from my ass and give you a hot piss to help you drink it down. Drink it all! Don’t you cross me, slave. It’s a reward for you to eat my shit! I will control your orgasms. You won’t cum without me
 ElenaToilet  - Tasting My Stinky Shit [2019 / FullHD]

Are you desperate enough for hot sexy girl’s ass that shit all over your face? Just imagine how horny you must be for my shit if you’ll eat it and swallow! I mock and tease you for how badly you want my thick stinky load. It must be humiliating to being my toilet. But, I can’t say that I blame you for how badly you want it… my tasty shit is divine! Really.
 CandieCane  - Hotel Stairwell Poo Funzies [2019 / FullHD]

I was staying at a hotel while working a business convention and got the urge to poo! I walk out of my hotel room and start looking for a place to go! I see they have stairwell and that is my place! We walk into the stair well and I look for a safe place to drop my load! I set you down and begin to remove my clothes! I can hear someojne coming and rush to dress again. They ended up not coming and I smile at you! I angle you while I begin to poo, I was in such a rush that I did not realize that you could not see my butthole? ALL the sudden I jump up, hearing someone coming! I show you the poop on the cold cement floor and cover it up! Then I pull up my shorts and wonder what I am going to do with this poop? Can I leave it here? Ah, I have a better idea! I run down the hallway and see someone left a containeir of used food in the hallway! I grab the lid and run bak down to the poo location! I pick up the poo pieces and place them on the plate with my hand. I was rushing as fast as I could, hoping I won’t be caught. I pick it up and head out of the stair well, back to the hallway. Then I get the crazy idea of where to dump this load I am carrying LOL! I walk back to the food containers left outside of that hotel room, grab the poo pieces, put them on the plate, cover it back up, and get the heck out of there! LOL! What a rush! I tell you that was maybe the ballsiest thing I have ever done LOL! I flash you my boobies before I head back to my room
 xMochaPuffx  - Shit-Butter Cookies Preparation [2019 / FullHD]

In this clip, I prepare 4 Pepperidge Farm Shit-butter cookies for a long-time fan & dedicated toilet submissive. Lucky them!
 Celestial  - Nothing Special. Just Scat FiveSome. Part 3 [2019 / FullHD]

Nothing Special. Just Scat FiveSome. Part 3

Nothing special here. Just scat Fivesome. Walk further.
 evamarie88  - Dancing Poo Pants [2019 / FullHD]

Watch me just being me having a dance in the kitchen and pooing my pants, i then smear some on my ass and legs while i carry on dancing to music
 Celestial  - Nothing Special. Just Scat FiveSome. Part 5 [2019 / FullHD]

Nothing Special. Just Scat FiveSome. Part 5

Nothing special here. Just scat Fivesome. Walk further.
 Celestial  - Nothing Special. Just Scat FiveSome. Part 4 [2019 / FullHD]

Nothing Special. Just Scat FiveSome. Part 4

Nothing special here. Just scat Fivesome. Walk further.
 SuzanDirty  - Two mistress stuffed himm [2018 / HD]

Suzan and Marc shit now as well known to much, but now and again marc wants his peace. He sits comfortably in his chair and reads a booklet if it was not suzan which simply sends him two dominas to home and him with shit – bottled – beautifully with the dildo nachgestopft and then cleaned with the toilet brush the teeth. Tja marc suzan remains ebend suzan. Suzan und Marc scheissen sich ja nun bekanntermassen viel zu aber ab und zu will marc auch mal seine Ruhe. Er sitzt gemütlich in seinem sessel und liest ein buch- tja wenn da nicht suzan wäre die ihm einfach zwei dominas nach hause schickt und ihn mit scheisse – abfüllen lässt – schön mit dem dildo nachgestopft und dann mit der toilettenbürste die zähne geputzt. tja marc suzan bleibt ebend suzan
 ModelNatalya94  - Memoirs about summer. Video 1 [2018 / FullHD]

Dear our fans, I want to bring to your attention a video that we shot with girls in the summer. This is a beautiful and interesting video, I hope you enjoy it very much and also remember the summer with pleasure. Imagine that together we walked through the forest and saw this picture: two girls admire themselves and are ready to do something unusual, but they notice two more girls who were walking and kissing in the forest. The girls took off their pants and did not shit on the ground. When the girls left, those who looked like you understood it was me and Caroline, came up to a pile of shit. We decided that now we will smell and try the shit of other girls. We took shit in our hands, we sniffed and then decided to lick and eat these shit. Caroline and I enjoyed the taste of this shit and we were very happy that this wonderful day we had the opportunity to eat other girls’ shit. We ate slowly, enjoying every bite. Then we decided and smeared our pussy and clit with poop. We had a good time and ate and reached orgasm. I really believe that you will like my idea to show videos that were shot in the summer, in the winter. You will remember these nice warm days and reach orgasm again and again!
 ModelNatalya94  - Carolina and Alice body in shit [2018 / FullHD]

Hello, our dear and beloved fans. We have been silent for a long time, so we hope very much that you have not forgotten about us and are very bored, just like we are behind you. Do not ask why this is the case, but now we are with you again. Today Alice and I are the first to come out to you after a long break. We decided that today we’ll smear ourselves with shit. In the beginning we are dressed in blouses and bikinis. Then we remove the sweaters and caress each other. I get up and undress Alice, kiss her neck and caress big breasts. Then Alice undresses me, she also kisses my neck and caresses my chest. I lie down and Alice will rub off on my body. Shit hot and I want Alice to spread it over my breasts. She gently takes the poop and begins to smear on my chest. Then I become cancer and Alice smears the rest of the shit on my ass. Then I come to Alice, she is also waiting for warm shit on her body. I shit and write on Alice’s chest, she is dirty and wet with my urine. I also begin to smear the shit on her big breasts and then turn on the ass. When we are all in shit, we get up and rub the boobs together. We love our shit and the smell that comes from it. We hope you enjoy with us as well and get a big orgasm like us. We love you very much and are glad that you are with us.
 WCwife  - Fecal bath Part 3 [2018 / FullHD]

This movie almost became my dream…my husband as always does not forget his perverted wife and at my request, he trained someone else’s shit from work…but I all the little… not far from us in the village are toilet cabins and their contents I was very captivated and I decided—giving her husband a 3-liter glass jar asked to bring me filled with feces from the tanks of the toilet…to fill my perverted body with foreign feces…at the end of part 3 you will see how my husband was typing everything into the Bank and how it all happened in the toilet. The Bank with the feces successfully arrived home to the delight of me and after smelling the captivating smell of it… I trembling with excitement put her in the bath until the evening… when everyone has gone to bed and my husband and I can indulge in perverted pleasures… And so later that evening my husband went into the bathroom to get out of the public brought fecal banks paper and tissues-so they didn’t bother us in the pouring faeces in me about grief…he broke the jar. I was very Upset… but shooting video decided not to postpone and in a new Bank we put someone else’s shit that my husband brought from work and my husband peed there several times and we began to pour it into me mmmm it was a beautiful dirty perversion… in part 3 you will see how my husband was gaining public feces in the toilet stall. I wish you a pleasant excited viewing
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