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 ChubbiBunni - Plate Poo Bundle 1 [2020 / FullHD]

 ChubbiBunni - Amateur Smear [2020 / HD]

I was in the middle of a shower when the urge to poop came over me. Guess I need to lather up and rinse. How else would I unwind after a stressful day at work?
 ChubbiBunni - Happy and Smeary [2020 / HD]

I really needed to poop after work and wanted to play a bit. Why not make my first smearing video? I actually enjoyed the warmth and creamy feeling of my poop. Definitely will do it again soon!
 Quinn’s First Shit Clip [2020 / FullHD]

Naked Farting In Your Face

I have been eating a lot of fast food lately. Especially spicy food that has made me super gassy. I know how much you love my farts so I blast them in your face, some of them smell horrendous and I wave them right at you. inhale my loud, nasty farts. You want to put your mouth around my asshole and suck them in, I know how bad you love my ass. My farts start of short and low but as I get gassier I rip them super loud right in your face.

Smell My Stench

Spicy Food Intake/Fast Food before hand: Tons of Real Farting//3 different angles-a few naked farts// Farting in boyfriend’s face// LOUD farting

Seth has been real lazy lately and has been taking naps in the middle of the day I have been so mad at him for just being a lazy bum. I try and motivate him but he just always seems to want to sleep. So I decided to start eating real spicy food and fast food to make my stomach extra bloated with gas. I know how gassy I get with spicy food and then I ate fast food to make my stomach extra gassy. I know that the smell will be bad so I want to wake him up with the stench. I stand close up and fart in my yoga pants, they start to smell super bad so I pull down my pants to make the room smell more. I keep letting out wretched farts until it wakes Seth up. He asks what the hell that smell is and I just laugh. I get on top of him and I put my ass in his face. I make him smell my stinky ass. He coughs and gags and I just keep farting. I blast him with fart after fart right in his face. He keeps telling me how disgusting it smells but I pay him no attention and just keep farting in his face. I can tell he can’t take it and I just keep laughing as I blast him over and over. I make him learn his lesson the hard way.. With farts in his face. My stomach is so bloated with gas and I know I want to leave him with a few real amazing ones so I pull down my yoga pants and fart naked right in his face. Maybe he stop being so lazy.

Quinn’s First Shit Clip

I have actual IBS: my stomach decides what it wants to do when it wants to.. I feel like I’m going to have the runs.. I sometimes have small accidents in my pants so I feel as I’m sitting down a fart but a little came out so I get on the floor, I spread so you can see.. I then push all my poop out. I had no idea it was going to FLY out of me!! You can actually see it go everywhere (it’s great). I move the camera so you can see how far it went (since I had no idea my poop shot out like it did) I show my mess and pee a little as well. I look forward to expanding my limits and show you what a messy girl I am.

LOUD farts

I ate a ton of greasy food yesterday and my stomach was me all night. I woke up with the worst IBS. I’ve had IBS for 8 years now and my stomach does what it wants to do. I knew I would be gassy and I had just finished running so I’m in my yoga pants. I let out a loud fart. I know how much you love my farts, how such a petite small girl can have such loud farts. I keep letting them out and getting closer to the camera and give you multiple positions. I also show off my bloated stomach. All this gas is making my stomach so swollen. As I’m standing I can feel another one coming on so standing I let it out. I bet you would love me to pull my pants down and spread? well.. If your lucky maybe next time I will. You will be impressed by the noise of my farts!
 SunnyBunzCamgirl - Doggy-style Ass Worship, Spanking & Hard Poop [2020 / FullHD]

Wow! This is an amazing video! I really outdid myself with this one, and just know you’re going to love it.

I spend several minutes turning you on, teasing you with my sexy ass wiggles, shakes, and hard SPANKS! Kneeling and down on all fours I move my body just the way you like it, jiggling my ass cheeks for you. When I’m good and ready, I begin to poop in a doggy-style position. So sexy! I don’t hold back as I moan and grunt, working hard to hold my shit back in, groundhogging and winking my little brown hole at you. I coyly look over my shoulder at you, and then I let you see all of the big shit inside of me, holding it there with my asshole wide open, before finally pushing it out. It’s so hard and I’m straining my poor little tiny asshole to push this thick, hard, knobby log out. I breathe deeply and then there’s MORE. A second big load for me to squeeze out!

After all of that, I’m so turned on and can’t help touching myself and rubbing my juicy pussy, still down my hands and knees, with my pussy and ass right in your face. You can hear how wet I am! Mmmm! Lastly, of course, I am sure to show you up close the details of my big hard poo on the floor! The only thing harder than these poops is going to be your dick!