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 Mistrss gaia - Scat hors d’oeuvre [2019 / HD]

My slave is in the dungeon and he’s going to worship me. I have told him if he pleases me, he may be rewarded. I begin by getting him to lick my shoes. I have a riding crop in my hand to make sure he knows what I want. I then tell him to lie on the floor while I bind his hands and feet together. He’s going to experience the luxury of having my beautiful ass in his face. I want him to enjoy eating my shit. As I sit over him I order him to open his mouth nice and wide. He must be ready to receiveve my scat. After I have made sure he has enough, I tell him to keep chewing, he must not waste any or I’ll punish him. I notice his cock is erect, so I slip a condom over it. As he chews on my scat I give him a couple of lashes with my riding crop. As I take a tight hold of his cock, he begins to tremble. I know he is desperate to cum. However, not until he has completely finished eating all my delicious shit. While he enjoys chewing the last piece of shit, I give him a handjob telling him he can cum. Afte he’s finished, I remove the condom and squeez his cum into his mouth. What a treat for my scat slut. He will surely remember his delicious scat hors d’oeuvre from Mistress Gaia…
 zarzar01  - 10 rosebuds, HUGE logs [2019 / FullHD]

WOW! almost a dozen rosebuds protrude for you! i tease and strain and pop out my nice thick logs for you!
 Alexandra Poo - Used Toilet Slave – scatdesire [2019 / FullHD]

use the male slave as a living toilet for the first time in this video. I humiliate him and raise him with a whip. You have to clean my shoes, stupid slave. You gotta lick my asshole and suck the heels while I’m smoking. Lie on your back and open your mouth. Have fun – eat my shit!
 zarzar01  - Brutal 3 day hold logs, toilet pee [2019 / FullHD]

OUCH! these were no joke! you watch me painfully unload these logs, pee on toilet and tease you with my perfect pucker!
 zarzar01  - Toe foot tease huge logs [2019 / FullHD]

sexy foot and toe tease, pre-nice load!
 KatiePoo  - Poop in to diapers [2019 / FullHD]

I was trying first time to put on diapers and poop in them. Some pushing, little smearing, putting off and on them
 Angelica Scat - Feeding The Cat [2019 / FullHD]

My slave Cat gets to be in the presence of my amazingly beautiful ass. I am stunning in my new year’s skirt, but even more amazing when I take my panty. The slave is ordered to attend beside my elegant ass as I squat down to make a deposit of my exquisite shit in front of his nose. The smell of my shit permeates his lungs as the golden treasure is slowly extruded by the perfection that is my ass. But I am not done. I have some pee that my slave is privileged to drink. Then I stand up and give the cat permission to taste the plate with my smelly shit. You get to see me, my pussy and asshole framed by the softly undulating curves of my unbelievable ass, almost as if you were a man. Now, in the presence of Mistress, the slave eats a plate of shit and is grateful. The unappreciative slave tries to pull away but I, in my infinite wisdom, already have him in a dog leash and collar. Eat everything, all that comes out of my ass! All without residue! And drink my pee
 Isabela - Deep Feet Vomit [2019 / FullHD]

Top Model Isabela in the new deep feet vomit extreme movie. amazing feets have this top girl and she know also how to use them. She push them totaly down deep into the mouth until her victim real has to vom it a lot. so this is a deep feet movie with lot of vomit inside with two perfect top girls and perfect feets from Isabela.
 Princess Mocha's Palace [2019 / FullHD]

 Mistress Janet - Losers Eat My SHIT [2019 / FullHD]

Simple and elegant. This time I am wearing nothing but my perfect beauty to make a solo video. With no slave in the way of your view, you get to see my perfection from more different angles and imagine you are there as you play with your piffling dick. When I’m done it means it’s time for your lunch… “Eat my shit ” Of course, it would be an honor for you and the high point of your miserable existence. Imagine it in your mouth as you spew your goo. Though my shit is not there you can always eat your sperm!
 Pen Friend [2019 / SD]

Girl on her hands and knees ass facing the camera, she plays with her ass with a pen, getting her pen dirty. She then does a big shit on the floor.
 Shit On Your Floor [2019 / SD]

Very sexy girl strips off then does a nice shit on the floor. The video is a little jerky hence the low price, but picture image is good.
 Ebony Scat 3 [2019 / SD]

Hot ebony girl gets straight to the point, great view of her ass as she does a nice big shit.
 Mistress Janet - Filled with Disgusting Shit [2019 / FullHD]

Upcoming dinner for the slave. He don’t know what I prepared for him. I raise him with a whip and command me to kiss my heels, my feet and my shoes. Then I make him to kiss my ass hole. Slowly, gently and carefully… Mmm…Now he is ready for the most important moment. To eat my shit, which will come out directly from this sweet hole. Open your mouth wider and enjoy!