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 WCwife  - Alien shit penetrates uterus Part 1 [2018 / FullHD]

Hello my dear fans…I have for my absence has accumulated a lot of videos and I am prepared to show you the hope that your admiration of me. I started my period and my uterus was opened and was thrilled with anticipation. Public toilets full of shit at my husband’s work were a lifesaver for me…and my husband happily picked up and filled my ass with other people’s shit… it wasn’t easy-monthly is a sharp and exciting and smelly pleasure
 BabyDollNaughty - Open diaper pooping [2018 / FullHD]

I am wearing a cute pink princess Rearz diaper and decide to open it up and make my mess on top of it while using my dildo to cum
 Princess Nikki - Scat smother [2018 / FullHD]

Princess Nikki first let the slave lick her ass, then shits in his mouth put a plastic bag on his head sits on it and smother all her shit in his face.
 BabyDollNaughty  - Sex machine enema [2018 / FullHD]

Sex machine + Enema = Wet, Orgasmic fun!
 LoveRachelle2  - Pushing Thick Shits [2018 / UltraHD/4K]

Pushing out thick juicy shits out of my cute little butthole… feeling my turds stretch my pucker open, I birth my loads with throaty groans and breathless gasps… I make sure to show you my poopy butthole and blast you a little with some poopy farts. Of course, I can’t pinch all these stinky bricks without giving you some serious close-ups of my shit so you can really get an eyeful of detailed poop!
 MistressAnna  - Balls kicking blud and shit [2018 / FullHD]

I am kicking his balls until they start bleeding and make him clean the blood from my feet and shoes. And lick the floor after that. In the end I shit in his mouth and leave him to struggle with my shit.